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Pool Rules

Official Pool Rules

1. Using the link for the week you wish to predict, you must click the radio button next to the teams you think will win that week, the home team is always listed second in each game. No point spreads are used, you are simply predicting the winner of the game.
2. Once you have picked one (and only one) winner in all games for the week, you should predict a combined total score for the Monday Night Football Game (or the last game of the week if there is no Monday Night Game scheduled).
3. The Monday Night Football game is always listed last, and the prediction is used to break ties, with whomever is closer (over or under), being the winner.
4. Once you have completed the picks for a given week, you should make sure your name and email address are filled in and the click the "SUBMIT"  button on the picks page. This will send your picks to the pool, as well as send you a receipt for your picks being submitted to the address you specify.
5. You must submit your own picks for each game, you may not simply state "take the Vegas line."
     In the event that the web form submission method does not work for you, you may mail your picks in the body of an e-mail message to: nfl@boorman.us
6. Weekly prizes will be awarded on Tuesday following each NFL week's conclusion.
7. Any disputes in scoring or problems with the standings must be reported by the start of the following week's games.

For weeks that do not start on a Sunday (Week 1, Week 10-Week 16), players are allowed to resubmit picks for games up until 1:00PM Sunday for any games that have not yet been played (by resubmitting picks for all games with only unplayed games actually counting).

Thus, if a week had a game on Thursday, you would be required to submit picks (for all games) by kickoff of the Thursday game, however under this rule you will be allowed to resubmit your picks (for all games, but only unplayed games count) and change your picks for any unplayed games up until 1:00 PM ET on Sunday of that week.

For weeks that have Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games (Week 16), you may change picks for the Saturday game up until the kickoff of that game, and you may change picks for all other games up until 1:00PM ET Sunday.

Entry Fee
The Entry Fee is $20.00 US to participate in the full 17-week NFL season.
You must submit this fee by 5:00 PM 9/4/08 to be eligible.

Prizes - Payouts go all the way to 5th place at the end of the season.
Each weekly High Score receives: 3.0% of total money collected
The person in 1st place overall at the end of each week receives: 0.50% of total money collected
The highest cumulative score at the end of the season receives: 20 % of total money collected
The 2nd highest cumulative score at the end of the season receives:
11 % of total money collected
The 3rd highest cumulative score at the end of the season receives:
5.5 % of total money collected
The 4th highest cumulative score at the end of the season receives: 3.0 % of total money collected
The 5th highest cumulative score at the end of the season receives: 1.5 % of total money collected

Note that the 1st place overall weekly prize is only paid out in Weeks 1-16.
For those of you who feel the need to do the math and add everything up,
17 High scores (each week) (3.0% * 17) = 51.0%
16 1st place at end of week (1-16) = (.50% * 16) =   8.0%
1st place at end of season                       =  20.0%
2nd place at end of season                       =  11.0%
3rd place at end of season                       =   5.5%
4th place at end of season                       =   3.0%
5th place at end of season                       =   1.5%
Total                                            = 100.0%



Missing or Bad Picks

In the event that a player forgets to pick a game, picks more than one team to win a game, or does not submit picks at all for a given week they are assumed to have picked the VISITING team for all unpicked games. You get the VISITING team if you fail to submit a valid pick for any game. Note that YOU DO NOT GET THE DEFAULT PICKS you would have gotten if you used the PANIC BUTTON to make your picks, you get the VISITING TEAM.

For the legality of this pool in New York State, please visit the following links:

For problems or questions contact:

Special Weeks:
Note that the following weeks have games that start before Sunday.

Week 1 - Thursday 9/4
Week 10 - Thursday 11/6

Week 11 - Thursday 11/13
Week 12 - Thursday 11/20
Week 13 - Thursday 11/27
Week 14 - Thursday 12/4

Week 15 - Thursday 12/11
Week 16 - Thursday 12/18

In the event of a tie for any prize involving a payout, the following scenarios will be employed:

Weekly Ties:
A tie for a weekly high score:
    The person who is closest to the Monday Night Football comined score will be declared the winner.
    If two or more people are tied for closest to the MNF combined score, they will split the prize equally.
A tie for being in first place after one week:
    All persons involved in the tie will split equally the prize for being in first place at the end of that week.

End of Season Ties (Basically, people in a tie split the prize for the place they tied for and any other slots they would also occupy if they weren't tied).  So, if 2 people are tied for second with a score of 87, the guy with an 86 is not in third, he's in fourth.

The official ruling is as follows:  When one or more players has the same overall total score for picks correct at the end of the season, they shall be considered tied.  For each person in the tie, the next highest score shall be considered one rank lower.   Thus, if 2 people are tied with the second highest score, they are both considered in 2nd place, and the next highest score will be considered 4th place.
For purposes of payouts all players in a tie will split the sum of the position they are tied for AND the sum of the additional positions they would have occupied had they not been tied.  Thus, if two people are tied for second place, they split evenly the sum of the second place prize AND the third place prize (since no one is in third place).  The next highest score is 4th place, and the player in 4th place would win the 4th place prize.

    Throughout the pages affiliated with this pool, the following abbreviations are used:
BUF = Buffalo Bills  DAL = Dallas Cowboys
NE = New England Patriots NYG = New York Giants
NYJ = New York Jets PHI = Philadephia Eagles
MIA = Miami Dolphins WAS = Washington Redskins
BAL = Baltimore Ravens CHI = Chicago Bears
PIT = Pittsburgh Steelers DET = Detroit Lions
CIN = Cincinnati Bengals GB = Green Bay Packers
CLE = Cleveland Browns MIN = Minnesota Vikings
HOU = Houston Texans ATL = Atlanta Falcons
IND = Indianapolis Colts CAR = Carolina Panthers
JAX = Jacksonville Jaguars NO = New Orleans Saints
TEN = Tennessee Titans TB = Tampa Bay Buccaneers
DEN = Denver Broncos AZ = Arizona Cardinals
KC = Kansas City Chiefs SF = San Francisco 49'ers
OAK = Oakland Raiders SEA = Seattle Seahawks
SD = San Diego Chargers STL = St. Louis Rams

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