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Picks are due by 1:00pm Sunday

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For those that don't want to do all that thinking, we offer randomized picks:

Indianapolis Colts (14-1-0)
Buffalo Bills (5-10-0)
New Orleans Saints (13-2-0)
Carolina Panthers (7-8-0)
Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8-0)
Cleveland Browns (4-11-0)
Philadelphia Eagles (11-4-0)
Dallas Cowboys (10-5-0)
Chicago Bears (6-9-0)
Detroit Lions (2-13-0)
New England Patriots (10-5-0)
Houston Texans (8-7-0)
Pittsburg Steelers (8-7-0)
Miami Dolphins (7-8-0)
New York Giants (8-7-0)
Minnesota Vikings (11-4-0)
Cincinnati Bengals (10-5-0)
New York Jets (8-7-0)
San Francisco 49ers (7-8-0)
St. Louis Rams (1-14-0)
Atlanta Falcons (8-7-0)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-12-0)
Green Bay Packers (10-5-0)
Arizona Cardinals (10-5-0)
Kansas City Chiefs (3-12-0)
Denver Broncos (8-7-0)
Baltimore Ravens (8-7-0)
Oakland Raiders (5-10-0)
Washington Redskins (4-11-0)
San Diego Chargers (12-3-0)
Tennessee Titans (7-8-0)
Seattle Seahawks (5-10-0)

MNF Combined Score:

Home team is always listed second.
Game in blue is the Monday Night Football Game.

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